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Restaurant Exhaust Hood Repair In Moreno Valley, CA

Premium kitchen exhaust hood repair in Moreno Valley, CA for all equipment hood and fan types. The exhaust hood and fan are the most vital pieces of equipment in the commercial kitchen. The exhaust fan keeps the dining area free from smoke, heat, and simply a comfortable place to sit down and enjoy your deliciously cooked meals. As a restaurant owner, you need to focus on the quality of food, your employees, and your customers, not a down exhaust fan. Call us here at Vortex Air for immediate exhaust hood services in Moreno Valley, CA now. We call ourselves airflow specialists because we don’t just fix a problem, we get down to the root problem and do our best to make sure it’s something that won’t happen again.


commercial exhaust hood services in moreno valley ca

PREMIUM Exhaust Fan Installation In Moreno Valley

When it comes to restaurant exhaust fan installation in Moreno Valley there is a method that many other “experts” unfortunately don’t follow. When we first begin a project we first carefully calculate the exact size of the exhaust fan by taking into consideration the size of the hood and the exact cooking equipment going to be used under it. Every system is specially designed and engineered first before the actual installation start. After all calculations are complete and all the correct equipment is ordered we begin installation following all the highest industry standards available. No corners are cut, we install it as if it were our own restaurant. Call us today to get started on your exhaust fan installation in Moreno Valley and its surrounding areas today!

Why choose us for your Exhaust Hood Services In Moreno Valley, CA?

What makes us stand out from other companies that offer kitchen exhaust hood services in Moreno Valley, CA is all of our technicians are fully educated and certified by the industry-leading organization NCI (The National Comfort Institute). This certification teaches the best practices and procedures for completing repair, installation, and even testing of mechanical equipment such as restaurant. This is why we say that airflow is our specialty. When we perform any repair on an exhaust hood, makeup air , or swamp cooler, we don’t just fix it, we also make sure it performs. After completion of any repair or installation, we also offer an added service that extremely few hood repair companies do, and that is testing, measuring, and adjusting the precise airflow the exhaust hood is removing. This is vital as it confirms the exhaust hood is performing how it should be and ensures proper smoke and heat removal are being achieved. Once again put your equipment in the hands of a company you can trust and call Vortex Air for all of your restaurant exhaust hood services in Moreno Valley, CA.