Same-Day City Air Balancing In Fontana, CA

Fontana Air Balance Company

Vortex provides Fontana  air balancing services for commercial HVAC and restaurant kitchen hood systems all throughout Southern California and even further upon request. All of our certified air balance reports comply with Health, Fire, and all City requirements. Schedule your Fontana  air balance today.

fontana air balance testing in commercial kitchen

Fontana Air Balance Reports For Restaurant Exhaust Hoods

The Health Department may require a Fontana air balance report to be provided if a new restaurant is being built, there is a transfer of ownership, any major remodel, and even a name change. 

This air balance is an important step as it verifies ventilation systems are running safely, are installed correctly, and ensures a restaurant’s building pressures are balanced correctly, which, guarantees a healthy kitchen.

How can you prepare for a Fontana air balance?

To properly prepare for a Fontana air balance, please confirm the following:

  • Make sure all kitchen ventilation equipment is installed completely and confirmed is running.
  • Have a set of building plans on-site for the air balancer.
  • Ensure all grease baffle filters are installed.

Once you confirm the following, call us here at Vortex Air for your Fontana air balance report today!

HVAC Testing & Balancing In Fontana, CA

Vortex Air Provides testing and balancing in Fontana, CA for all commercial AC systems sizes, styles, and locations.

We provide urgent Fontana air balance services as we have come to understand the urgency of trying to complete a project or opening up a new business on schedule. 

In most cases, we can provide same-day testing with a same-day air balance report.

All we request to help the air balance process go as smoothly as possible for both parties is to unsure of the following:

  • Ensure all air conditioning equipment that needs to be tested is 100% complete. We do arrive to many job sites with systems not ready to test either because ductwork isn’t completed or equipment is not fully installed.

  • Tag each airflow damper or provide one of the AC installers to help navigate damper locations.

  • Ensure there is a set of building plans on-site.

  • Ensure roof access is accessible and security will permit access.

  • Set each airflow damper to their 100% open position.

  • Make sure system economizers are commissioned and working properly.

Once the following is completed, call Vortex Air for your testing and balancing in Fontana, CA today!

Our Fontana Air Balance Testing Complies With All NEBB, TABB, and AABC standards.

Vortex Air Balance Co. is a licensed D-62 air balancing contractor and our Fontana  air balance procedures not only follow the same practices as each of these prestigious TAB firms but our reports are just as creditable.

There is no city in California that we can not test.

Schedule with Vortex Air today for all of your Fontana air balancing services today.

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