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Kern County Air Balancing Services

Vortex provides Kern County air balance testing and certified air balance reports for commercial HVAC and restaurant exhaust hood systems. We travel all through Kern County and much further upon special request. All of our air balance reports are certified to comply with all Health, Fire, and City jurisdictions. Schedule your Kern County air balancing today.

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Certified Kern County Air Balance Reports

We provide Kern County air balance reports for restaurant exhaust hoods, commercial HVAC systems, lab fume hoods, medical procedure rooms, and just about any commercial air-moving device that needs airflow testing. 

All of our air balance reports comply with all city jurisdictions.

Common Questions Regarding Reports:

What Makes An Air Balance Report Certified?

For an air balance report to be labeled as “certified” it needs to be issued by a company that is legally licensed to perform “commercial air balancing.”

Only a company that possesses either a D-62 (water and air balancing) contractor’s license or an NCI Commercial Air Balancing Certification may legally issue an air balance report that is requested by the city. The company must not be affiliated with the mechanical project needing a test and balance report.

The T.A.B firm cannot be the building owner, GC, or sub-contractor that performed the mechanical work.

Vortex Air Balance Co. has both the D-62 License as well as the NCI Certification, both of which, are renewed promptly every two years.

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Why Are Air balance Reports Required?

The air balance procedure confirms systems are installed to mechanical code and are running efficiently and correctly.

The “report” is not only proof that this vital procedure was performed but in provides documentation of mechanical equipment for future reference when needed.

Who Can Provide An Air Balance Reports?

Only a licensed D-62 (Water and Air Balancing) contractor may issue an air balance report that is requested by the city.

Restaurant Exhaust Hood Air Balancing In Kern County, CA

At times, the Health Department may request a restaurant exhaust hood air balancing in Kern County, CA.

Vortex offers same-day testing as well as same-day air balance reports to provide to your inspector.

Common Questions Regarding Restaurant Air Balancing:

When Are Air Balance Reports Required For Restaurants?

There are a few reasons an air balance report may be requested for a restaurant, when constructing a new one, transferring ownership of an existing one, permitted remodeling is performed, or even when changing the name of one.

Why Is Air Balancing Important For Restaurants?

The air balance process confirms new or existing equipment is operating correctly, efficiently, and is installed to mech. code. An air balance also verifies that the pressures are equal within the building.

How Can An Air Balance Help Create A Healthy Kitchen?

A restaurant with equal building pressures is the foundation of a healthy functioning kitchen, if it is unbalanced, it can create a spiral of unwanted problems.

For example, it can result in:

  • Hard-to-open front and rear doors
  • Sewage smells
  • Dust and grime build-up
  • Smoke not being exhausted fully
  • Hot cooking areas
  • Wasted AC cooling
  • High electricity bills
  • Unhappy customer experiences

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How To Prepare For A Restaurant Air Balance?
  • Ensure both the exhaust hood and MAU are 100% installed and running correctly.
  • Provide mechanical plans on-site
  • Install all the exhaust hood filters

Our Air Balance Testing In Kern County Meets All NEBB, TABB, and AABC standards. 

Our air balance testing in Kern County meets all NEBB, TABB, and AABC standards. Our testing procedures not only follow the same testing procedures as each of these prestigious T&B firms; but are equally as creditable.

There is no city we can’t provide Kern County air balance reports.

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When you need air balancing near me in Kern County, choose the experts. We provide same-day air balance reports year-round. Vortex Air Balance Co. is a licensed D-62 air balancing contractor in Southern California and we perform a wide range of testing and balancing. We are the top-choice company for air balancing near me in Kern County.