Same-Day Health Department Air Balance Reports

Kitchen Air Balancing

Vortex provides Kitchen air balancing for all restaurant exhaust hoods systems and make-up air units. Our kitchen air balancing includes a certified air balance report that can be provided to either the Health or Fire Department during inspections.

Is the Health Department requiring an air balance to be performed on your restaurant exhaust hood?

If so, you are in the right place.

Delo Air is one of the leading experts for  kitchen air balancing in California We provide same-day kitchen air balance reports for all exhaust hood types and sizes… there is no restaurant hood we can’t balance. 

kitchen air balancing in orange county

Why is kitchen air balancing required for your restaurant?

The majority of restaurant owners have never even heard of an air balance right up until it is being requested by the health department, so why is it so important? 

Many know, that kitchen exhaust hoods are designed to remove smoke, heat, and steam from the building before it accumulates and makes a restaurant very uncomfortable and unsafe to be in.

What many may not know, is an exhaust hood can only achieve this task if it is balanced properly.

Each exhaust hood requires a specific amount of air removal relative to the cooking equipment that is under it.

Too little air removal and smoke can roll right back into the kitchen.

Too much air removal and the building can have hard-to-open slamming doors, sewage smells; and wasted air conditioning due to it being sucked right out of the building.

Again, the kitchen exhaust hood being balanced properly along with the make-up air fan is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and healthy restaurant.

That’s why you need to call Vortex for your kitchen air balance today!

What do I need to have ready for my kitchen air balancing?

To make things easier for yourself and your certified air balance professional, it helps to have these few things ready prior to testing:

  • Ensure all grease filters are installed and cleaned.
  • Ensure building plans (if available) are onsite for testing.
  • Ensure roof access is available and ready to use.
  • Ensure all equipment turns on and is commissioned. (If unsure if commissioned or running we can provide this service upon request)
  • Finally, be sure the exhaust fan/hood project is completed.

Making sure all of these items are completed on this list prior to your kitchen air balancing is proper etiquette, it ensures an air balancer isn’t performing work that isn’t part of the scope of work.

Keep in mind, that some companies may even test if some things aren’t ready for them.

At Vortex, we understand some things don’t go as planned and as much as we’d appreciate these things being ready for us, we are very forgiving if some things were missed!

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