Restaurant Exhaust Hood and Makeup Air Services In Fontana, CA

  • Exhaust Hood Repair
  • Makeup Air Repair
  • Swamp Cooler Repair
  • AC Repair

Dear Fontana Commercial Kitchen Owners,

Vortex Air LLC is not your average HVAC company, we specialize in commercial kitchens and offer high-quality restaurant exhaust hood and makeup air services in Fontana, CA. From repair, installation, and to maintenance, we are proud to say we offer it all. 


Vortex Air offers premium restaurant exhaust hood repair and installation in Fontana, CA for all fan and hood types, and when we say premium we mean it… We replace the screws the last guy didn’t put back and, most importantly, we have trained our technicians to always make the better judgment call in any situation. Our technicians maintain this high level of craftsmanship when even performing more simple tasks such as preventative maintenance of commercial exhaust fan systems. When you choose Vortex Air LLC, you know you are absolutely getting the quality you deserve with an urgency, not many companies can beat. So when you’re ready to hire an honest, skilled, and reliable company… call us now for your exhaust hood repair and installation in Fontana, CA today!


restaurant exhaust hood and makeup air services in fontana ca


Here at Vortex Air, we our techs are skilled and trained to complete restaurant makeup air installation and repair in Fontana, CA for all system types. There is no exclusion of brand or part we cannot repair or install, especially when it comes to the industry-loved Captive Aire systems. All of our technicians are airflow specialists and never guess when it comes to making adjustments or repairs. Schedule your restaurant makeup air installation and repair in Fontana, CA today!


Although the swamp cooler is used as a form of makeup air, we consider it in its own category. Restaurants tend to love swamp coolers so now we do too. Vortex has long offered swamp cooler repair and installation for all brands and styles. Contact us for a speedy repair or for questions about a new custom installation. Let our swamp cooler repair and installation experts assist you today!


What makes us stand out over other companies? Vortex is a fully certified TAB (test, adjust, and balance) contractor as well. We are both certified and trained through NCI (The National Comfort Institute). This certification allows us to legally perform commercial air balancing and issue certified reports for final inspection purposes. Measuring airflow is a specialty we have acquired and when we perform any repair on an exhaust hood, makeup air , or swamp cooler, we don’t just fix it, we also make sure it performs. After completion of any repair, we offer every customer an added service that no other company does, and that is testing and measuring the precise airflow the exhaust hood is removing. This is vital information as it tells us if the grease hood is even functioning correctly and ensures proper smoke and heat removal are being achieved. Schedule with Vortex Air LLC today for your professional restaurant exhaust hood and makeup air services in Fontana, CA today!