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Restaurant Exhaust Hood Repair & Maintenance

Vortex Air offers premium restaurant exhaust hood repair & maintenance for all fan and hood types, and when we say premium we mean it… that’s because we replace the screws the last guy didn’t put back, we align all components the last guy didn’t bother to align, and most importantly, we have trained our techs to always make the better judgment call so that we can provide the highest level of craftsmanship possible. Our certified technicians also maintain this same level of craftsmanship when performing more simple tasks such as preventative maintenance of commercial exhaust fan systems. When you choose Vortex Air, you know you are absolutely getting the quality you deserve with an urgency not many can beat. So when you’re ready to hire an honest, skilled, and reliable restaurant exhaust hood repair & maintenance company… call us, your local hood repair experts today!


RESTAURANT Makeup Air Repair & Installation

Here at Vortex Air, we perform restaurant makeup air & repair & installation on all system types. There is no brand or part we cannot repair, especially when it comes to the well-known Captive Aire systems. All of our technicians are airflow specialists and never guess when it comes to making adjustments or repairs. Schedule your restaurant makeup air repair & installation, or thorough maintenance in Riverside today!

Swamp Cooler Repair & Installation

Vortex also performs high-quality restaurant swamp cooler repair & installation for all swamp cooler brands and styles. Today the vast majority of swamp cooler systems are not properly sized or designed correctly leaving restaurants operating inefficiently. Here at Vortex Air, we call ourselves airflow specialists for a reason, we know airflow and always take the extra time to detail, size, and install a new swamp cooler or makeup air system properly. Schedule your swamp cooler repair & installation today!

Restaurant AC Repair & Installation

Professional restaurant AC repair & installation for customers that value quality. When it needs to look great, we are the ones to choose. If you simply need it to work well, we are still the right choice for all of your restaurant air conditioning needs. Choose your local airflow experts today for all of your restaurant AC repair & installation today.


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What makes us stand out over others? Vortex is a fully certified TAB (test, adjust, and balance) company as well. we are fully certified through NCI (The National Comfort Institute). This certification allows us to legally perform commercial air balancing and issue certified reports for final inspection purposes. Measuring airflow is our specialty and when we perform any repair on an exhaust hood, makeup air , or swamp cooler, we don’t just fix it, we also make sure it performs. After completion of any repair, we offer an added service that no other company does, and that is testing and measuring the precise airflow the exhaust hood is removing. This is vital information as it tells us if the exhaust hood is even performing how it should be and ensures proper smoke and heat removal are being achieved.

Frequently asked questions
Why Do I Need A Commercial Exhaust Hood?

The Purpose of the Commercial Exhaust Hood

The main reason a commercial exhaust hood is required in every restaurant is for the proper extraction of the smoke and heat created from cooking. The size and type of commercial cooking equipment used in a restaurant determine the size and power of the commercial exhaust hood needed. So every restaurant has its own specially designed kitchen to complete the level of cooking needed.

Do I really need a makeup air unit?

Why the makeup air unit is important

An interesting fact that many commercial kitchen owners may not know, is that the exhaust hood actually does more harm to the kitchen than good if the makeup air unit is not installed. The exhaust fan can remove so much air out of a building that new air cannot be introduced fast enough, this creates a negative pressure within the building. Negative pressure in a restaurant can cause many issues such as hard-to-open exterior doors, grease and dust stains, sewage smells, and a dirty eating environment. The makeup air unit is a vital piece of equipment in the restaurant because it introduces the amount of air the exhaust hood is removing, thus creating equal pressure in the building and preventing many unwanted problems. 

Is a swamp cooler the same as a makeup air unit?

is the swamp cooler an Mua unit?

Technically, yes. A swamp cooler is a form of a makeup air unit, however here at Vortex Air we don’t typically refer them to one. We don’t refer to them as makeup air units because swamp coolers are not actually made to be in a commercial environment such as a restaurant, they are more of a residential cooling equipment and are not made to withstand the harsh environments of a commercial rooftop. A commercial-grade make-up air unit (such as the one in the picture above) is built exactly for a restaurant and can withstand the very harsh conditions of a commercial rooftop. Another silly reason we don’t use the term makeup air when referring to a swamp cooler is the majority don’t actually know the term “makeup air” and simply refer it to either a fan or swamper, so… we just decided to call them two different things.

A guarantee of quality from our restaurant professionals.

All of us here at Vortex Air have deep pride in our trade and craft. To us, restaurant exhaust hood and makeup air repair & installation are one of our many passions. We enjoy delivering quality work that not only looks good but performs even better. Once again, schedule with us today for all of your restaurant exhaust hood and makeup air repair, installation, and preventative maintenance today!