Our Air Balance Services

All of our air balance reports meet all Health, City, and Fire Departments requirements in California.

kitchen air balancing in orange county

We air balance all restaurant kitchen hood types and provide same-day kitchen air balance reports.

We test and balance all commercial HVAC systems and projects and provide certified HVAC air balance reports.

california air balance reports

Certified Air Balance Reports

Air balance reports for Health Department, Fire Departments, and Mechanical inspections.

Fume Hood Testing

Medical and laboratory fume hood airflow testing and balancing with air balance reports

Cleanroom Testing

Cleanroom test, adjust, and air balance procedures for low-level to high-level facilities.


Start-up and commissioning services for commercial HVAC systems, economizers, exhaust fans, and make-up air units. 

About our air balance company

We are a “family-owned and operated” independent air balance company  and have been in the business for over 15+ years. We began our venture in the HVAC industry. First, by repairing and installing residential air conditioning systems and slowly began moving our way up the ladder to larger commercial projects. Now, utilizing our extensive knowledge in the HVAC industry and knowing the ins and outs of commercial installations, we have evolved into a fully certified air balance company. 

Being A Certified Air Balance Contractor Gives Us An Advantage That Others Simply Don’t Have.

Being a certified air balance company without a doubt gives a drastic edge when completing installation and repairs for air conditioning and kitchen hood systems for commercial and residential projects.

The reason is understanding how airflow and pressures in these complex systems truly play a major role in system longevity and efficiency.

Without a full understanding of airflow and system pressures mean you are either diagnosing or installing these systems completely blind.

A testing and balancing expert is trained to test airflow with equipment specifically designed and engineered for this purpose. without this testing equipment, there is no way to properly know how systems are functioning.

To conclude, as a certified air balance company in California, we are able to design, test, and adjust systems to run to their maximum lifetimes and efficiency the first time. 

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